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Individuality vol.1: 5 to 8 December, 2024

Individuality vol.2: 12 to 15 December, 2024

(Exhibition dates may postpone due to suspension requests ordered by the government. We apologize for the possible inconvenience in advance.)

Business Hours: 11:00am to 6:00pm

Venue: Gallery IYN (Nakazaki Nishi, 1-chome, 8-24 Ein’s Bld Umeda 101, Kita-ku, Osaka)

Please contact us from the below if you are interested in purchasing our works on display:

Twitter: @artandselection

Instagram: @artandselection.iyn



If everyone were completely different, is it still necessary to say that everyone “has individuality”?

A work of art with individuality. What comes to mind?

The way people look, the way people think, and even the way people feel things are all different.

The height of the nose, the size of the eyes, the voice, the color of the skin, the way one speaks.

There are as many variations as there are people.

There is no such thing as a person without individuality, as everyone is different.

In the end, is this statement true?

What is "individuality"?

What exactly is “having individuality”?

As difference from others is considered individuality, most of the things that exist in this world are individuals.

It is difficult to find exactly the same existence, so most of the existences have "individuality" as a matter of course.

Especially the objects of nature including human beings, possess the greatest diversity, in other words, the most distinctive personalities.

If so, why is different sometimes described as "having individuality"?

If having obvious differences is regarded as having individuality, is it still necessary to say that a person "has individuality"?

A clear boundary cannot just be drawn by judging from the degree of difference such as "here is individuality from here, and it is not considered individuality until here”.

No one knows which is correct, no matter if it is Gallery IYN’s definition of individuality, our your definition of individuality.

However, we want you to know that the joy of thinking, especially while looking at art, and the time put in to thinking deeply about a topic is special to you.

“Individuality" is an art exhibition that allows you to have a taste of the joy of thinking.

In other words, what is individuality anyway?

The way of living is more of a individuality compared to appearance. Don’t you think so?

No matter how much difference there is between yourself and others, accept the differences for what they are and find a way to move forward. Others will be able to have a glimpse of your uniqueness in such a way of life.

It is not something that's meant to be seen nor shown, it is a quality that cannot be hidden, and that oozes out when you are not aware of it.

Individuality is a way of life that finds its way forward and overcomes obstacles.

This, is individuality.

Consider the individuality contained in artworks

Once the spirit of trying to conquer the characteristics that one is born with existed in the work, it will be impossible to for viewers to understand the artist themselves through the artwork and its individuality.

When it comes to considering individuality. The most important information would be the place where the artist was born and raised.

In this exhibition, we will conduct exclusive interviews on artists about their birthplaces and how they feel about themselves considering their homeland. (The article will be published at

Please have a read from the article for clues to consider individualities of the artworks.

Details of exhibiting artists and works

In the “Individuality” exhibition, we will display for artists who:

→ Want to understand more about artworks

→ Are interested in hearing customers’ thoughts when they see their work

→ Find certain works charming and want to find out where the charm came from

Details on the Exhibition

Individuality vol.1: 5 to 8 December, 2024

Individuality vol.2: 12 to 15 December, 2024

→ 20 artists will be participating in each phase

→ Themes in the exhibition will be customized by the artists

→ One or more pieces that have never been shown to the publicArtists with different experiences, forms of activities, genres and techniques all have different individualities.

MESSAGE・GIFT・ART INPUT・Individuality Exhibitions

" MESSAGE" from 2022,

"GIFT 2023, 2024" from December 2023,

"ART INPUT" in 2024,

And “Individuality” now.

How to appreciate the works of art in exhibitions

●Not relying on descriptions of the work, simply enjoying the artwork with one’s eyes

●Read the descriptions and understand the meaning of the works

▶︎MESSAGE: Messages left by artists freely

▶︎GIFT: Artists who have something missing in life

▶︎ART INPUT: Sad memories and bitterness from past experiences

▶︎Individuality: Thoughts on oneself’s own background

Exclusive interviews will also be conducted on the above mentioned topics.What the artist considers themselves imperfect,

That can be the source of strengths, traits, individuality and talents in the eyes of others.

Painful experiences and suffering make people stronger.

The more an artist continues to struggle in suffering,

The more attractive the artistry can be played.

Thinking about individuality is something only humans can enjoy.

Come enjoy the fun of thinking about individuality through this exhibition.


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