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Gallery IYN



There will be around 25 artists exhibiting on every Thursday to Sunday during the time of exhibition.

(Exhibition dates may postpone due to suspension requests ordered by the government. We apologize for the possible inconvenience in advance.)

Business Hours: 11:00am to 6:00pm

Venue: Gallery IYN (Nakazaki Nishi, 1-chome, 8-24 Ein’s Bld Umeda 101, Kita-ku, Osaka)

Please contact us from the below if you are interested in purchasing our works on display:

Twitter: @artandselection

Instagram: @artandselection.iyn


Painting is an expression of enthusiasm.

Painting is your talent.

It's not easy to be enthusiastic about anything.

It is even more difficult to keep the enthusiasm alive.

People will be moved by enthusiasm, and even cry for this reason.

Are you enthusiastic?

Think about this. No matter how much enthusiasm you put into something, you won't see results. No matter how much you continue to burn this enthusiasm, there is still not any sign of getting closer to seeing results. Are you able to ignite your enthusiasm in such a situation? This is what successful people and painters do. There is nothing more difficult than painting. The reason lies in the value of the painting itself, as it has the power to move and touch viewers’ hearts.

In other words, it's nothing like the kind of sport where you put your passion into it and someone gets touched by your win or loss. Imagine people doing sports to win or working for sales... If you know the stories behind the people who are passionate about those activities, you will be very moved. However, that is just to impress you for the sake of results. Moving you is not they actually want. There are many purposes for painting. “Touching someone’s emotions” is one of them. The same is true for film, literature and music.

Try comparing the way of moving a person to painting, and you will realize how difficult it is to do so. Imagine how many people, and to what extent can be impressed by you spending tremendous time and labor and paintbrushes?

Moreover, this result is often decided in the blink of an eye, and even the mind of the person who sees the painting is forgotten, so of course, the change in the heart of the person who appreciates the work cannot be conveyed to the painter.

In such self-questioning, the energy that continues to burn will eventually take shape into a work of art. Painting is the expression of enthusiasm.

The power that ignites enthusiasm, is that “gift” you were born with.


"GIFT" is an exhibition that focuses on the talents of the participating artists. We would like to express our deepest gratitude and respect to all customers who visit us in their busy schedules. Thank you so much for your continued support.

We apologize for taking your time, but we have prepared an article discussing the pain and conflicts the participating artists have endured in their lives. There are indeed artists who commented about not wanting to hear our evaluation of these subjects, but somehow, however, we believed this article could be an opportunity to let their enthusiasm be seen, therefore the article was published on our page. We would appreciate it if you could read this and feel something, even after enjoying a viewing session.


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