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Gallery IYN

Please note that overseas applications are closed currently due to replacement of staff in charge of overseas businesses.

How do you pronounce “IYN” in Gallery IYN?

"IYN” is pronounced as “Eye-n”.

アンカー 1

《About application》

I do not have any art-related experience, skills, or any seniority as an artist.

Are there any requirements in order for me to join any of your exhibitions?

We welcome all artists no matter if you have experience or not. From beginners to professionals, anyone can join our exhibitions. Please do not hesitate to apply for our exhibitions as our staff will try our very best to support you all the way throughout the whole process.

May I display fanart in the exhibitions?

Unfortunately, we cannot display fanarts in our gallery. Please join our exhibitions with only original artworks.

When will be the deadline for application for each exhibition?

We will close applications once reservations are full for each exhibition.
Please apply as soon as possible if you have interest in joining one!

What happens if I decide to cancel my application for exhibition?

If you decide to cancel your application 6 weeks before the date of exhibition, we will give you a refund with the transaction fee subtracted.
If the cancellation is done within 6 weeks before the exhibition, the amount paid by the artist will be charged as  cancellation fee.

アンカー 3

《About the displaying of artworks》

How are the exhibition spots in the gallery chosen for the artworks?

We strive for visual balance when everything is displayed in the gallery by considering the number of pieces, size, specifications of the frames or canvases, and the number and sizes of their merchandise.

Is it possible to display my artwork that has already been posted on social media?

Absolutely! Your artwork does not have to be a completely new piece. However, please make sure your artwork is going to fit the specific theme of the exhibition you are joining.

How will the artworks end up after the exhibition?

They will be destroyed, dissolved and disposed to protect the copyright of your work.

アンカー 4

《About selling of artworks》

I am not sure about the price range for selling my artwork.

The price of an art piece is usually determined by conditions such as the cost and time spent on creation, size, rarity (original or copy) or the seniority and experience gained by the creator as an artist.
If your work is digital or a copy, the suggested price range would be at around 1500-6000 yen.
If your work is a unique analog piece, the suggested price range will be much wider, at around 3000-50000 yen.

《About posting on social media》

アンカー 2

What should I write in my post if I want to promote this exhibition on social media?

You can freely write what you like, as we have no specific requirements on what must be included in promotional social media posts.
We do recommend writing in the title of your work and the information of our exhibition as it helps a lot in promoting yourself as an artist.

What should I write to introduce my artworks?

We suggest describing whet you wish to express in your work, what mood you were in when you created this piece, as well as the media you have used, the parts you have worked hard on, or the parts that you are most proud of in your artworks.

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